Ian Wilson

Welcome to the International Business and
English Language experience of Ian Wilson

Language programmes are specifically designed for YOU as an individual client, as a business person or an adult mature learner. These programmes are a mixture of personal tuition, supported by exercises created for you and accessible from the internet at any time you wish. All applications are handled personally by me and I will guide you as necessary.
Perhaps you are applying for a new job and wish to improve your interview or presentation English? Perhaps you are already studying and need extra help with text books for your subject? Perhaps you know only a few words and want to speak and understand social English?

All of us are better at some areas of language than others. Perhaps you speak well but your reading and writing could improve? Perhaps you have difficulty with grammar? Perhaps you need guided conversation?

Programme lengths and appointment hours will be agreed to suit you personally. I do not run a school and you will not be treated as a child.
English Tuition for business people and mature students